Get the pro license for only 20 usd

Pay via paypal using the button below. You will obtain the license code that needs to be entered in the prython app. The pro version has the same features as the basic version, plus more themes, customizations, and tools (see full list below). It is only available in English.

This pro license can be used with any prython version, and extended to future releases as well.

Amazing new features

Extra tools and a wider variety of customizations!

More backgrounds

Stripped black background, purple, white, blue arrows, pink

More themes

Many new themes for the panels: asphalt, carpet, frosty, gold, graffiti, stars

Use code-areas

These can be used to highlight specific areas of your code. Place them wherever you want, choose a colour, and define a text to be shown next to each one

Different fonts

Three extra fonts are available

Plots mode

Similar to the dataframe mode which shows all R/Python dataframes, the plots mode allows you to see all the plots next to each other.

Resize plots

Any plot (both R and Python ones) can be resized very easily by using the mouse

View project history

A window is available showing a screenshot of the project everytime you saved changes, along with the number of panels, the amount of lines of code, and the last time any panel was executed